About EssentialNet Solutions

ENS provides IT services for clients throughout Florida, focusing on municipal clients, construction and law firms, medical practices and religious organizations. EssentialNet Solutions provides more IT support to municipalities in Florida than any other company.

Our Technology Advantage

We use SAAZ - a technology framework, specially built for managed service providers. SAAZ combines a remote management platform and a managed security services infrastructure. This infrastructure enables us to provide you complete IT infrastructure management services including secu.rity solutions to end-users - securely, proactively and in a cost effective manner. The platform archi.tecture enables us to deliver services on Industry best practices and aggregates data into a web portal? your data related to assets, change management, alerts, trends, security, spam, reports on chats, browsing etc.

We manage remote networks securely across the Internet or any public IP network without needing for setting up a VPN or opening ports of the fire.wall. Our advance technology works transparently across NAT and cuts down the implementation complexities and time. Furthermore, it uses the SSH2 protocol in an outbound mode from inside the firewall, making it highly secured. Additional use of Certificates provides an extra-layer of protec.tion over and above the encryption and security provided by SSH2.

Moreover, we offer a complete Life Cycle Management for IT assets like management and monitoring of desktops, servers, networks and applications. Our hosted security platform brings you unmatched combination of e-mail, web and IM protection without you having to install or purchase any new hardware or software, however protecting your network against viruses, spam, spyware, and inappropriate web usage. It also obviates the need to purchase point products and piece them together to have a solution to address the full services market at the same time bring in the necessary standards to our services.

Your biggest benefit would be to expect service levels equivalent to rolling out a Top-Class Enterprise Management System within your organization with. out having to pay for the high capital outlay. Get a quick start without waiting for long implementation and training timelines. Work with industry best practice and processes without having to learn them. We believe you should focus on your core business, reduce cost, increase profitability, gain expertise and win new customers. After all you need to get a leap advantage over others by using a technology currently used by the likes of Sony, LG, and Carnegie Mellon University who use it to manage their IT infrastructure in many parts of the World.

  • "John and his staff are very responsive and knowledgeable. They have repeatedly helped me with issues that are not related to the website at no extra cost. For John, the important thing is that the job gets done properly no matter what hours and effort they have to put in. ." - Colin Baenziger (Cb-asso.com)

  • "Just over three years ago our Firm was looking for a new IT Company and when I sat down with John Redrup from EssentialNet Solutions to learn about his Company I didn't need to look any further. ."- Melissa Royer - Wealth Strategists, Inc. -

  • "Continuity of government services is extremely important to us and EssentialNet has helped us maintain that pledge. I would recommend this organization to anyone. " - C.J. Geotis - Deputy City Manager - Marathon, Florida -