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Check out our Managed IT Service Programs and choose the best plan for you

Managed Service Providers, Remote Monitoring and Management Tools and Reactive vs Proactive Model

What is a Managed Services Provider (MSP)?

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) offers management and support of IT network-based services, applications, and equipment to businesses, individuals and other service providers. As businesses become increasingly dependent on IT and require more complex systems to conduct their operations, the need for reliable MSPs that allow business owners to focus on their core functions has become critical. The scope of service provided by an MSP usually varies according to their customers needs and may involve simple system upgrades up to full network management and support. The key element to this service offering is that it is preventive in nature.

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What is a Remote Monitoring and Management Solution (RMM)?

Remote Monitoring and Management solutions are used by MSPs to better manage their customers needs and provide efficient support. Agent-based RMM solutions are usually more stable and reliable since they require less network traffic. Remote agents can connect without VPNs, firewall issues or router configurations and can perform tasks even while offline. Once deployed to the target servers, the agents are used to perform a multitude of tasks automatically, allowing for preemptive network management without interruption to the end-user.

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What are Preemptive Managed Services?

Preemptive managed services involve the proactive monitoring of computer and network health. The powerful RMM tools currently available to MSPs support very early detection of issues before they result in customer downtime or loss data.IT solution providers operated under the reactive model. In light of currently available technology, the reactive (or break-fix) model has become obsolete as it is highly inefficient. New agent-based, probe technology is used by MSPs to monitor the health and performance of customer networks and to provide preventive maintenance services without any kind of disruption or interruption to end-user activities.

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Reduce cost, power consumption, and footprint of server farms. Elegant disaster recovery, provides "Sandbox" capability.

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Reliable hosting services meeting all of your needs. We provide great support and monitor the performance of our servers.

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Use of Virtualization to minimize future server costs, and greatly enhance disaster prevention and recovery.

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A fast, secure and simple way to resolve issues with your PC or laptop.

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